Our Mission

Our goal at Hitting Streak Baseball Academy is quite simple...


Striving to see improvement in the individuals athletic growth, baseball skills and knowledge, mental understanding of the game, and increase their abilities to take practice preparation then apply it to live game situations. For a first timer, build a solid foundation by developing and reinforcing the fundamentals in all aspect of the game. The higher skilled ball player will be introduced to advanced position-specific drills, situational practice sessions and discuss the mental discipline one needs to continue growth and development to be successful at the next level

Expressing how much dedication, preparation and commitment is needed to improve one's skill set.

Explaining that hard work provides confidence when it is time to perform.

Hitting Streak travel teams play under the name of West Coast Prospects.

Hitting Streak is currently forming travel teams (18u, 14u, 12u) for the 2012 Fall tournament season. A majority of the tournaments are played locally, but we may play as far away as San Jose.

18u - Program Description
14u - Program Description
12u - Program Description

If you are interested in playing with West Coast Prospects please contact me at your earliest convenience.



Dates: March 20
Spring Tryouts 16u
           Hitting Streak Facility

Facility improvements
Covered and lighted cages. Lessons rain or shine!

2013 Tournament Results

4/14/13 - Super Series
14u Champions (West Coast Prospects)